Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Early Christmas!! We celebrated a little early and opened all of the Christmas presents from Grandma Carrot (Karen) and Grandpa Dana since there was A LOT and we didn't want to lug them to Cali and back! Thanks so much Grandma and Grandpa!! We loved EVERYTHING!!
Joshua got a really cool, big train and LOVED it!! It has already run out of batteries, he has played with it so much! He about flipped when he opened it and FREAKS out if anyone gets near it!!

Here's Noe in his Spiderman jammies with his gum...his two favorite presents! He also really likes his bug vacuum and has already caught a spider in it...that Josh secretly let free up in their room! Naughty!!
Larkily loved her bath toys...obviously...they went straight to her mouth!!
Here's Arnie and her loot! She LOVES her jewelry box and all the goods that go in it! She got a really soft, pretty, pink sweatshirt that is soooo cute!
Thanks Grandma and did great!! You guys are the best and we love you lots!!

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Unknown said...

I love Arwen's hair! It's so adorable!