Monday, December 08, 2008

Merry Christmas!! I love this time of year. We have lots of little family traditions that we do every year that are so fun!! We started off the festivities this year by taking the kids to pick out a Christmas tree. (We actually gave it to the missionaries since we won't be here for the holidays, but the kids had lots of fun picking one out!)

Santa is at the tree farm every year. He told the kids that they all looked about a year older than last year...go figure. Noah and Joshua want Silly Putty and Arwen wants bubbles. Noah was concerned that maybe Santa didn't know what Silly Putty was, but Santa assured him that he did!!
Here are me and Larkin standing in front of the cute tree we picked out for the Elders!
Here's Noah doing one of his super cool poses!! Pretty much, he's a super hero!
Joshua was just running around like a chicken trying to keep up with the other two!Here's a picture of Arwen looking out onto a little lake with geese on it. The kids had a ton of fun feeding their hot dog buns to the geese...always money well spent around here!!

Here's a "fairy ring" the kids found. There were tons of mushrooms all over the place. Gotta love Arwen's face here...!!


Amber and The Boys said...

Where are you going to be for Christmas? Are you going to Denver?

Grandma Carrot said...

Love the picture of Santa and the children...You guys were always a bit afraid of him. Remember Scott just touching his boot and then running away? :)