Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On Saturday, we went to a tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree, Our real estate agent has a little party at this tree farm every year. She gives us free hot dogs, cookies, hot chocolate, and any Christmas tree we want. We got to pick out a pretty noble fir for FREE! You can't beat that! It was fun hunting with the kids and finding our perfect tree.

Here is Noah's "tree." He was so excited to bring it home!
Here are Arwen and Noah in front of the tree we picked out.
Noah was too afraid to sit on Santa's lap...he wouldn't even look at him. He did take the candy cane Santa offered him though!
Here's Noah after we had lunch, looking out on the pond at the ducks.
Here are the kids in front of our decorated tree. They had so much fun putting things on the tree. We have all kinds of random stuff on there now...everything has turned into an ornament!


Jen said...

so fun! huge bonus: not only NOT raining, but the sun was out! (assumed by the photos)

Cheney Family said...

Great pictures of getting the tree. It had to have been cold. Since I can't remember a day when the sun was out that it wasn't.

Bethany said...

We love hunting for the perfect tree. It's just not as much fun in a tree lot. Those are some sweet pictures. The magic of a Christmas tree can definitely be seen in the eyes of a child.