Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Eve was lots of fun! First we went to a Dr. appointment for Larkin. She was up to 7 pounds 3 ounces...she's been gaining weight without having to take formula! Her jaundice was looking better too! That evening we opened our Christmas pajamas. Here are the silly littles. I forgot to get a picture of Larkin.
Then after a delicious ham dinner (thanks Jenn!) we played a little and put the kids to bed so we could set up the "Santa" stuff.
Here are pictures of the kids' new chairs and their stockings.
Noah snuck out soon after to "use the bathroom" he said. He peeked around Aaron and said, "Wow, it looks really great down there!" He just kept saying it over and over again while he used the bathroom. He snuck out quite a few more times after that. What a naughty!

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Anonymous said...

What a mischievous little boy. Sounds like he takes after his daddy. I think the little chairs are awesome. I can't wait until our boys get excited over Christmas. Austin still doesn't really get it.