Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Arwen had another dance recital on Saturday. Her dance company put on "The Nutcracker Tea Party" for all of the younger kids to dance in. It was nice because it was only the littler kids and was only 45 minutes long! Arwen did a tap dance this year. She got to be in the overture and then she did "The Party March," which was the first dance in their Nutcracker show.
She had lots of fun and it was so neat to watch her dance. She sure can boogie when she wants to. She's also very good at doing the right moves, but always on the wrong foot as everyone in her class is doing. She cracked us up! She loved getting flowers after the show...that and they had apple juice, cookies, and candies for all the girls and families. It was Arwen's favorite...a little tea party!

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