Thursday, July 05, 2007

We had a great 4th of July! We blew up the kids' swimming pool in the morning so that it would have all day to get warm for them. Then we went to our favorite farm to get blueberries. We decided to pick our own this time. It was pretty fun!
Arwen did an awesome job of picking berries. She had fun and kept reminding Aaron and I not to pick the green ones! She's getting so independent. It didn't bother her one bit to pick berries far from us, or to go back to the house and ask for one more bucket.
We got lots of yummy berries. Noah kept making me take berries from my bucket and put them in his so he could eat them!
This pretty much sums up Noah and picking the berries. Just one berry, and pouting at that!!
After naps, we all got our suits on and went for a swim in the new pool. The water was so warm!! All the kids had a blast. Too bad we didn't get any pictures of Joshua! He loved it.
Noah's lips were the color of his eyes and swim suit by the time we were done. It's nearly impossible to keep that kid warm!! After dinner, we drove up to Vancouver to watch the fireworks. We decided to not walk to the Fort and try and find a place closer to the water front to watch them. We found a pretty good spot. I liked it better only because there weren't a million smokers around! Families were setting off their own fire works before the big show. Some of these people must have spent a fortune! It was really amazing. Poor Noah was scared to death...he's just our little 'fraidy cat! The kids made friends with a group of kids their age. They had fun coloring with chalk and blowing bubbles. Arwen shared her glow in the dark bracelets with them. She sure is a giving child. Overall, it was a wonderful day!!


Pricilla said...

What a great day. I just love holidays. Noah and Eden could have been frady cat buddies.

Mike said...

Wow, blueberries. You should plant a bush or two in your back yard.

Anonymous said...

We've got one bush...but the berries always seem to disappear before they get too ripe!

Bethany said...

Fun in the sun on the 4th. I wish we could have seen those fireworks. We kind of missed the ones around here. Oh well, maybe next year. My boys are WILD about blueberries!

Meghan said...

Those blueberry picking pictures remind me of that book blueberries for Sal! I'm so jealous, I would love to do that! Little Noah is so Sal! Those last two close ups of Arwen and Noah are amazing. What camera do you have? Mine is never that clear...maybe its just the photographer :)