Monday, July 16, 2007

My mom came and visited a few days with us this last week. We had SO MUCH fun! There was never a dull moment!!
Here is Noah playing with his new of the many new treasures Grandma Carrot brought for him to play with. The kids got so many treasures!! They were in heaven!
This is Joshua on the zoo train. He was so tired that he just sat there looking up at Aaron until I stole him away and put him to sleep on my lap!
Here's Grandma Carrot and the kids enjoying the train ride at the zoo. The whole trip we kept hearing about how Grandma was nice and we were bad.
Here's a cute sister giving her cute brother kisses!!


Bethany said...

Yah, for times with Grandma. You guys sure to make good use of your zoo membership. Good for you! Wish ours was closer. Sweet picture of Arwen and Josha.

Meredith said...

that part about your mom being good and you being bad is sooo funny. i'm sure if alisa could talk, she would say the same thing! these kids just don't appreciate us:)

Meghan said...

Noah looks so adorable in that first picture. I love Arwens little smile in the picture with grandma carrot.