Saturday, July 28, 2007

Aaron took a morning off of work this week so that we could go and take advantage of the special deal Oak's Amusement Park has for kids 6 and under. They get to ride all the kiddie rides they want and then they finish it off by doing story time while the kids enjoy a snack and milk. Joshua had a good time watching the other two kids from the stroller and his back pack. We didn't hear a peep out of him!!

We got to the park a little early and the kids had a blast dancing on the stage to all the kids songs! Here's danger girl enjoying a ride on the carousel.
Noah really liked his giraffe ride!
We made the mistake of taking Noah on the roller coaster way too soon! He was scared of everything after that.
Arwen LOVED the roller coaster, of course! Look at her go, there in the front seat.
We talked Noah into riding the motorcycles with Arwen, but it was just too much for him. He crawled in the stroller after this, covered his head with his blankie and fell asleep. It was a really fun day!


Cheney Family said...

Sounds like great fun!! Which day do they do that on?? I know they do different things on different days.

Anonymous said...

Every Tuesday and Wednesday till the 3rd week in Sept I think. It's $5.50 a kid and parents can ride for free with their kids.

Mike said...

The last pic with Noah's look of terror at the camera. Awesome!!!

Bethany said...

Oh, I love amusement parks. Isn't it great to watch the kids and know that their little bellies are doing somersaults. Poor Noah has the scaredy bug. He'll probably be bungee jumping by the time he's 12.

Jen said...

So fun! I've heard about that place, but have never got to go there...looks like fun...poor Noah!

Pricilla said...

Noah and Eden are one of a kind. She won't do any rides lately.