Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Our week started out fun. Aaron took Monday and Tuesday off. On Tuesday, I woke up before Arwen to make baby muffins for her birthday breakfast. We got her a little tiny fairy tea set for her gift and thought baby muffins would be fun. When she walked down the stairs when she got up, she gasped and said, "Oh, my tea set!!" She was so excited. She spent the morning pouring milk for us and her fairy friends. She also got a karaoke thing that shows her dancing on the TV while she can sing to the songs. She loves it!! We went in to Portland to the mall. At one of the department stores you can see Santa and they also have this really great little train the kids can ride for free. We didn't see Santa. But she did ride the train 6 or 7 times! It was so fun to watch!! We had a really great day!!
We have also had a really fun Christmas holiday. Aaron and I enjoyed sitting on the stage at church and singing in the ward choir, while a woman in the ward sat with the kids. It was so fun and the choir sounded pretty good I think. It was fun to watch the kids open their presents from everyone! Of course Noah's favorite thing of the day was the screw driver used to put batteries in new toys! Good old Noah!! Arwen has had so much fun playing with her kitchen set. She makes us dinner all the time now!! We had a yummy turkey dinner with some a young couple in our ward. It was lots of fun. Then we played a couple of games with them. Overall, we had a great day! Thanks to everyone for all our great presents!!

Arwenisms: After seeing Santa from the train, Arwen reported that he was a big, red, scary monster.

Noahisms: The little guys runs around screaming and yelling like a wild monkey all day. He has finally found an appetite lately too and eats more than his sister.

Love, NASA

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