Thursday, January 19, 2006

Last Monday night, we all went to the Portland Zoo to ride the zoo train. The entire zoo was covered in Christmas lights and you can take a 10 minute zoo ride around the park to enjoy them. It was so fun. Arwen loves the train! Noah had fun too! Friday, Aaron took the day off and we went down to the coast (despite the fact that the forecast said heavy rain). It ended up being a pretty nice day--just showers. We had lots of fun watching the waves crash on the rocks. We looked for whales, but didn't see any. We stopped at Ruby Tuesdays for dinner! Thanks for the gift card Mom and Dad. It was really fun!! This has been a crazy year for us and appliances. Remember back in June, our TV broke. Not long after that our phones died. We replaced both of those. Then, around Thanksgiving, our microwave fried itself. Then our printer stopped printing. Now, just last week, our million dollar, state of the art washer machine decided to stop draining water. My clothes came out soaking wet! I called Sears where I got it (after
looking online and seeing that EVERYONE that ever bought this machine has the same problem eventually) and they offered to send someone out. I opted to call someone else (hoping they would be cheaper) only to find that NO ONE will even touch that machine to try and fix it. Great. So Aaron opened it up last night, disassembled everything to try and find the problem. As he was doing that, I was telling him how I read that lots of people online said they found socks in the pump that drains the water. Aaron thought, "yeah right." We took the pump out (that's like the size of my hand) and guess what we found in it? One of baby Noah's socks! We have NO IDEA how it could have gotten in there, but we got it out and now my machine works again. The only problem: The last load of wash I did when it broke was ALL my towels. They have been sitting wet in the garage for a week. I CAN"T get the mildew smell out. I've tried vinegar... Any suggestions would be great--that or I have to go and buy all new towels! Anyways, Aaron is Mr Fix IT around here! He also built a little shelf out of cardboard to hold out DVD player and VCR on the TV to keep Noah from destroying them on the ground!Arwenisms:
Noah made a mess of a roll so I asked Arwen what we should do with him. "Put him in the garbage."
Arwen was talking to Noah in the car when he was crying and she said, "It's okay Noah. I used to get sad when I was a little boy too. Now I'm a big girl and I'm happy."
We have his picture as our screen saver (him and pippen). Whenever he sees it he says, "Tickle, tickle." and "puppa."
He's become pro at sign language. He says milk and more and thank you all the time now. It's too cute!!


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