Thursday, January 19, 2006

I forgot to tell everyone last week--Arwen is a sunbeam now! Yea!! She's very excited and showed us all the way home how she can be reverent. Too bad it only lasted the 5 minute car ride. The kids and I have been going room by room and getting the house organized. (Actually, while I'm organizing something, the kids are in another room making a disaster. I think it's mostly one step forward and two steps back, but it's been good.) We went in for our ultrasound today. Everything looks great and we found out we're having a boy. Arwen kept saying, "Noah, we're having an Evan baby." Arwenisms:"I was a little boy. Now I'm a big girl because I go on the toilet." She's very proud that she is officially potty trained now. We're pretty happy too. Noahisms:Noah's new favorite word is "happy." He can say it perfectly. It's so sweet.He walks around the house holding as many of Arwen's little tiny plastic care bears calling them "Ba bas."--his babies. He feeds them pretend bottles too.

Love, NASA

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