Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hello! I am going stir crazy being home alone with two sick kiddies while Aaron is in CA on a business trip. We have had fun though! Noah had a well child appt on Monday. Do not worry--the Dr is not concerned about his weight anymore (Noah is still below the charts) but I guess after watching the little string bean climb all the handles on the drawers to try to get to the sink and then climb a chair to and sit in the window cell convinced him that he is getting his energy from somewhere! Noah also threw an awesome tantrum. He threw himself on the ground and bashed his head on the cold floor, It was great. And the Dr. wondered if I had problems with him throwing tantrums. Who me??He is now concerned because Noah has a rash all over his face (since before Christmas) and he scratches himself bloody on his back when he is naked. We are off to an allery and dermatology Dr next! The Dr looked in Noah's ears and the poor baby has a double ear infection. Does Noah not have pain receptors? I never would have known!!The next day, I decided to cut Noah's hair because he was looking kind of scruffy--that and I thought it might help make his rash not so noticeable. Well, he flinched because it scared him and I had to buzz him. He looks ridiculous--there are a few little tufts I missed and his rash---yeah, well it looks 100 times worse now. Poor little boy looks like a skinny, rashy, cancer patient. Sorry Noah!!!!That's all from here! We are just hanging our till we get to see Aaron again--we all miss him like crazy!!

Arwen sang to the tune of “knick knack paddy whack..”—“Heavenly Father will come down from the sky. I will give Him my toys and he will give me new ones…and a treat…a sucker.”I clipped her fingernails on the same day I cut Noah's hair. I cut one of then pretty short so she needed a band aid. When she got up the next day, she looked at her finger and said, "Its ALIVE!!" Then Noah cried and she ran in his room saying, "Let's see if Noah's hair is alive yet...It's not!"When I was cutting Noah's hair and he was crying, Arwen started to cry and said, "I'm telling my Dad what you did!!"

He begs for two things--his ba ba (bottle) and candy all day. I give him bottles, but he doesn't get much candy and he gets so mad!!He walks around the house saying, "Da Da" looking for Aaron.He loves to wave and say, "Bye Bye" to everyone.

Love, NASA

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