Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hi! We had a really great time in CA for Thanksgivng! The kids had a blast playing with all of Josh's toys and of course with Josh too. The other day we were in the car with some friends and Arwen was telling her friend Jake all about Josh and how he was her friend. IT was pretty cute! She also had a great time playing with her old friend Evan. It was fun seeing M and B too! Thanks to everyone for such a great time!This weekend we went and got out Christmas tree. The kids think it's just great. Arwen has hung lots of Noah's toys up as ornaments. She has even hidden a care bear or two in there to take "naps." She's already broke at least 5 of my decorations too. Way to go Arwen. Every time I look at my Nativity, the sheep are in different spots. That girl!! Noah really likes to play with a little plastic snow globe that has an angel in it. He shakes and it and says, "Ba ba," for baby.
Yesterday we went to the Nature Park to try and take our family picture. I think 2 or 3 may have turned out from the hundreds we took!!
All is well here and we hope everyone has a great week!Arwenisms:
We have been going through each room and finding things we don't need or play with anymore to give to DI. When we were in Ar's room, she kept telling me not to give any of her bears away to the kids. I kept telling her that of course I wouldn't. Then she stops and says, "Mom, you can give me to the kids."
Arwen was bearing her testimony for FHE while standing on the piano bench. She fell off so I told her not to stand up there anymore. Then like 3 minutes later she took a flying leap to land on it right when Aaron was moving it. Instead of her body landing on it, the tip of her nose did. She tore it all up and had a purple ring around it. IT was soooo funny to see though despite the fact she got hurt.

Noah climbs on top of the VCR and DVD player so he can turn the TV on and off. It drives Arwen crazy. I even caught her spanking him the other day because of it.
Poor baby somehow got knocked down yesterday and was laying on the ground screaming like he was dying (which he does a lot). When I got to him he was all boody. He bit all the way through his lip and now has a fat, purple lip and won't eat anything.

(Grandmas--your Christmas presents will be a while in coming--I've been waiting for a time when the kids are both presentable to get photos of them taken to finish the gifts. As soon as Noah's mouth is better, I'll get on that!!)

Love, NASA

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Anonymous said...

Your family is soooo cute!!! I just wanted to say hello. I saw that you posted to the Skagway site . I love to hear from everyone!!!!

Hope all is well!!!!
Amy Jons

When are you guys going to make it to Idaho for spud nuts!!!! :)