Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Is it too late for Halloween pictures? I'm so lame that it took me till today to take pictures of the kids in their costumes. That and we finally carved our pumpkin last night!!Anyways, the kids had fun trick or treating! I hate having all this candy in the house. It makes Arwen a monster. She screams all day for candy. Life is normal around here. We've had fun doing some Christmas shopping lately.It has been so rainy and cold around here. It's so pretty too with all the changing leaves. Our grass is finally super green again and our yard looks great! Arwen keeps a cup out on the back porch and collects rain to feed our plants.Arwenisms:Noah was babbling in the car one day and Arwen said, "Mom, Noah is pretendering to talk. That's so cute!!"Noah was babbling again later and it sounded like he said "wet." Arwen said, "No, honey. It's not wet. It's not wet."Whenever Aaron is being silly Arwen shakes her head, sighs, and says, "Mom, what we going to do with him? I know, sell him to the circus. Don't worry Daddy, you'll love the circus!"Noahisms:He's a crawling rash lately becuase he's having a reaction to his MMR or chicken pox vaccine. It makes him look all zitty and gross!We had ravioli's for dinner last night and Noah ate his standard one bite and then took the rest of the greasy, garlicy pieces and rubbed them in his hair! I had just given him his bath too! Ahhhh!!

Love, NASA

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