Wednesday, November 02, 2005

We had a good enough--pretty much nothing out of the ordinary. We went in to Portland to play on Saturday which was really fun. We met lots of crazies on the Max--lightrail. We bought Noah a little finger puppet. (We had bought Arwen the same one when she was little, which she must have thrown somewhere when we were out so it got lost!) Anyways, when I showed it to Noah, he looked so pleased. He grabbed it and pulled it to his face and gave it a big hug. He just kept smiling and giggling at it. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen! (Of course when we gave it back to him yesterday, he could have cared less!!) We had Noah's big party yesterday. We opened his presents when we woke up. He liked a rock he found of Arwen's about the best--Arwen had a great time playing with his things. She keeps calling them HER toys. After church we had dinner then pulled out Noah's cake. We ! got him a 2 layered chocolate cake with custard filling and whipped cream frosting. He LOVED it. IT took him about 10 minutes to completely destroy it! (We had quite the messy bathtub after his bath!) It was a great day!

When we were done with our lunch at the mall, Arwen decided she was still hungry. So she walked up to the ice cream counter by herself and told them that she needed some ice cream. The lady behind the counter smiled and gave her a big scoop on a spoon.

When we were on the MAX Arwen pointed to an old man and said, "That's a scary guy!"

Whenever she gets in trouble she says, "But we're still friends!"

He can finally crawl like a real baby--on his hands and knees!

He's just one giant tantrum nowadays!

He taught himself how to climb stairs last week. We had to invest in a gate after he fell 14 stairs and the only thing that saved his life was that he got his foot caught in the banister!

Love, NASA

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