Tuesday, October 11, 2005

We had a good week. Poor little girl came down with strep throat at the end of the week. She's doing fine now and amazingly none of the rest of us got it! It's been really chilly here and we've enjoyed a fire in our fireplace just about every morning. Noah likes to play right there at the fireplace. We went to choir practice yesterday at some peoples house who live out in the country. They have horse in their back pasture. Arwen was really excited about them and kept trying to give them leaves to eat. She really wanted to feed them and was sad when we had to leave.

We were at the library and as we came out she saw a man with really bad acne scars. She pointed to him and said, "Why that man got scarpies on his face?" I ignored her and kept walking hoping the guy didn't hear but she kept asking. Silly girl--anything yucky or that feels weird is a scarpy lately.
Arwen picked out some bright pink chapstick this week when we were getting her medicine at the store. All night she kept applying and reapplying her "lips." We'd be playing and she'd say, "Wait, I need more lips." We finally threw it away yesterday because we found to much "lips" on furniture.

Noah can now do sign language for more. He does it all the time especially for candy, which he calls, "Can-can." He also said "sissy" this morning when he saw Arwen and he sometimes says "thank you."
His favorite place to be is on top of Arwens old pink glitter girl car. He plays with toys on it and drops them on purpose and says, "uh-oh" until I get them or he falls off trying to get them.
He's got lots of bruises on his head (a big one from just a while ago) because he likes to climb on furniture.

Have a great week!
Love, NASA


Amber and The Boys said...

Hope you guys don't mind that I noticed the link to your blog and that I am reading it! It is fun to hear about your life! Sounds like the little ones keep you busy! They are SO cute! I can't believe how much Noah looks like Aaron! When is/was his bday? I can't remember! Have a fun Halloween! :)

Unknown said...

Noah was a whopping 1.0 on October 30th. He had all kinds of fun eating his cake. See his birthday post for a picture.