Saturday, September 08, 2012

Mummified Forest Creature

There was a forest behind a chain link fence next to the field that Arwen was playing soccer on.
It had a pad locked gate behind which a foot trail led off into the woods.  Noah tried to squeeze through a small gap between the gate and the fence but couldn't get his head through.  Larkin tried and couldn't make it through either until she realized that it widened slightly toward the ground.  She got through and took off saying, "Come on Noah."  I said he'd better go keep her safe and luckily he was able to squeeze through at the bottom as well or we might never have seen her again. It was a creepy forest.  Noah found some awesome treasures including this mummified forest creature.


Meghan said...

Great picture. That thing is so cool!

Anonymous said...

It looks mummified but I guarantee soon things will go missing in your house.