Sunday, October 21, 2012

Color Run

Arwen and I trained for a 5k together this year.  We decided to do the Color Run in Portland.  Well...let's be honest..."trained" may not be the best word.  But I did get Ar to run a couple of times with me.  I'm sure all her running at soccer helped prepare her.  

"When I first started running I was not very good at it.  When I ran my first practice 5k with Dad um...hey!...ha ha ha... (more giggles)...I was bad at it and I cried the whole time.  Well most of the time.  When I ran my second 5k with Mom and Dad it was easier but I still cried because I couldn't catch up to Mom and I was so tired.  Then I ran my Intel 5k, I walked most of the time.  On my fourth 5k I ran like I've been practicing my whole life.  It was the color run.  You got to get sprayed with color.  I had fun and ran fast with Mom."  ~Arwen
 There were over 75,000 runners, which made it pretty tricky to actually run, but having all those people out there made it really fun!

 At every kilometer of the 5 kilometer race, color throwers would throw a different color at you.  It tasted pretty nasty, but we could spit rainbows, which was totally awesome!  

 Pink was Arwen's favorite color.  After the race, there was a big after-party where each runner got a bag of color and we all grouped together and threw it all up in the air.  The little kids got to do this with us too.  Some nice people each gave the kids a bag, so they all got to throw some color.  

 Arwen and I had fun running it in our matching tu-tu's  It got so crowded that we held hands most of the time so as not to get separated.  But a couple of times we did, but we found each other quickly because of our tu-tu's.

 We left Aaron and the little kids at the end of the race course to take pictures of us.  Aaron moved the kids to the last color, which was yellow to get some pictures of us running through.  Noah was in heaven as yellow is his favorite color.

 The problem is, we totally missed them and they missed us.  Arwen and I wandered around for an hour after the race looking for them.  (We did get to participate in the after-party quite a few times because we couldn't find them, so that was fun.)
 Aaron got lots of pictures of the kids rolling in the yellow color.  I guess the kids were cracking the runners up and they kept stopping to take pictures of them with their phones.  

 Aaron finally realized that he missed us after the last runners made their way through and wandered back to our original meeting point to find us.

We had our final hurrahs then got blown off by a leaf blower and made our way home.  

(Apparently, this was Aaron's best pic of the day...he took it practicing for us to come through.  ha ha!)


Amber and The Boys said...

I've just taken up running and I am running my first 5k in two weeks. I know they do the Color Me Rad races here, might have to do that next time.

Unknown said...

That's awesome, Amber! Good luck on your run!! The Color races make running super fun!!

Tonya said...

Love the pictures! And the color run sounds pretty dang awesome. If only I liked running :/