Saturday, September 08, 2012

First Day of School

School is here again and all the kids are excited.
Larkin is excited to start preschool and was asking about her uniform.  Poor little girl just misses the cutoff for this year.

Noah and Joshua are in the same class this year.  That will be so fun for them.  Noah is excited to show Joshua how fun Spanish School is.  We're hoping that between Noah's exuberance and Joshua's grumpiness, they'll keep each other balanced.  

Joshua came home and showed off a little Spanish after his first day.  He's doing great.  He told us he has crushes on three girls...cute girls equals a great school for Josh.  

Noah was pretty worried that the cute girl he had a crush on last year might have forgotten him  She didn't.  He was a happy camper.

Arwen, who was terrified to start a new school last year, was super excited to go back this year!  She has a great group of friends and a teacher she adores...and a crush.  Man, I need to watch out for all these Nielsen  kid and their crushes!

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Amber and The Boys said...

I have to tell you, there is something special about Arwen. Every time I see a picture of her I just think she radiates light.