Friday, December 17, 2010

 Joshua!  What can I say about Joshua? I don't have any favorite children, but if I had to make a tally of who is consistently sweet, loving, giving, helpful, obedient, and cute, Joshua would win, no contest!  (I'm kind of partial to him because he's the only child who actually looks a little like me!!)  We have always said, "Joshua is just happy to be here,"  and I think that will probably be his motto his whole life.
 Of all my children, Josh has had to work the hardest to get to where he needs to be.  He didn't walk until he was 18 months because of a muscle condition..  Now he struggles with speech because of that same muscle condition.  But he has never given up and finds joy in the journey.  Joshua loves his "talking school" and can now run and jump with all the rest of my hooligans! 
Sometimes, okay, all the time, I find I coddle Joshua and I don't expect as much from him as the other kids because he's been delayed with nearly everything.  I have been worrying a ton lately because Joshua has a May birthday and will start kindergarten next fall, making him one of the young 'un's in his class.  Both Arwen and Noah are the older kids in their classes.  But I have started doing some phonics with him and he is picking it up way faster than the other two ever did.  And, he's been playing some letter games on the computer lately.  Aaron got on him last night because instead of learning his letters and sounds, he was doing some gingerbread man game.  Josh insisted that he knew his letters and that he was ready to play.  So Aaron quizzed him.  And you know what, he knew 90 percent of them!  What!?  I've only taught him 6 sounds from my book.  Way to go super star!
 Anyways, we sure are lucky to have this silly kid!  I love him to pieces!!


Meghan said...

Im not gonna lie, I'm tearing up a lil bit right now. You two are great parents :), love u and I love joshy!

Laura said...

Joshie is so adorable, soft, and lovable. He just radiates this glow that makes everyone happy. It's hard to be around him and not be in a better mood.