Sunday, May 09, 2010

I stayed home with the girls from church today because Larkin has been really sick for the last 5 days and got worse last night.  Arwen was sick yesterday, but I think her body kicked the bug. Anyways, as I was getting the boys out of the bath and ready for church and the girls out and ready to go to the doctors, Joshua was upset because he couldn't stay home from church too.  I told him that he really needed to go because it was Mother's Day and he would probably make me a neat little present in class.  (Joshua really likes to draw and make crafts these days.)  He then told me that maybe I should go to his class and make my craft for him...with my eyes closed so it would still be a surprise and then he would give it to me.  Nice.  Happy Mother's Day :)


Meghan said...

smart little kid! ha ha, happy mothers day!

aarastas said...

Joshua and Noah did great today in the primary song in sacrament meeting. Joshua was all smiles no song, and Noah's mouth was moving, it was cute. Wish you could have seen it Sar.