Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Anyone who has been to my house has seen the ugly juniper bush that was slowly taking over my yard and driveway.  Really.  You couldn't even park on that side of the driveway and get out of your car because of the ghastly bush.  I've always wanted it torn out, but seriously, it was huge and we don't have any of the tools needed to remove it...a truck, chains, chain saw...Well, now that our good friends moved back to the neighborhood, not only do we have lots of play dates, yummy meals, and lots of rock band playing time, we have access to some sweet tools, not to mention some man power to add to my own man's power.  

A huge thank you to Peter and Aaron for pulling out my bush for me on Saturday.  It took them six hours and they only broke a few tools, but it's done. They were drenched from all the rain we had that day.   I was so amazed that they were able to take that huge bush and jump on it enough to get it to fit into the back of Peter's truck!  (Who wants to pay TWICE to go to the dump??)  Also, the missionaries stopped by to offer some assistance which was totally awesome!  Thanks guys :)

Now, as soon as it stops raining........I'll get the area looking nice and plant some dogwood trees and ground cover and pretty flowers.  I can't wait!!  Thanks again guys!!


aarastas said...

Now on to the next big project...Joshua's "tree" house.

Grandma Carrot said...

Man...that was one ugly bush!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL never noticed it. Planting pretty new things is always fun