Tuesday, January 08, 2008

You'd never even know we have four kids now...since we've only taken a handful of photos of Larkin. I'm not a good picture taker, but here are a few that somewhat look like her :) Aaron wants to take more after the other naughties are in bed...so hopefully some of them will turn out good!
Larkin's a really good baby, aside from nighttime! She grunts and is awake all night. I'm not sure how many nights a mom can go with no sleep after having a kid before going crazy :)
I think I've actually only seen her eyes like 12 times during the daytime. They are always closed and dreaming of milk!
I can't wait for her to start smiling! She sure is a sweet little thing. I think she looks like Arwen did, only by the time Arwen was 3 weeks old, she was a fatty. Larkin is tiny...still wearing her premie outfits.
I can't wait for her to get fat so we can start dressing her in all her cute clothes!

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Jen said...

SO CUTE! Yep, she definitely looks a bit like Arwen - minus the stick straight up in the air hair. She is so cute! I wish I was there to take pictures of her! We've got to plan a trip...maybe end of February?