Tuesday, January 01, 2008

We wanted to do something fun on New Year's Day since it's our last day with Aaron for a while. It was so freezing cold outside though! We decided to take a drive through the Gorge to look at the water falls.
Here are the two kids...trying hard to not get blown away. It was pretty windy...which made it ten times colder!
We stopped off at the Vista Point because as we drove in to the parking area, we could feel our car almost being swept away from the high winds. It was really cool! Aaron took Arwen and Noah out separately and carried them into the wind. They would have blown away if he had let them walk. Here's Ar hanging on for dear life! We lost the lens cap at this point...that crazy wind!!
Here's me being brave...that wind was amazing. It was impossible to walk where you wanted when it gusted really hard. Some guy told us the the winds were around 50 mph!
It's hard to tell Aaron is in the wind...but it's a nice view in the back ground!!


Danielle said...

these are such FUNNY pictures! You really have an eye for catching unique shots... :)

Jen said...

That's awesome. Glad none of you blew away!

Pricilla said...

how fun. I love the picture of Sarah's hair blowing all over.

Bethany said...

Evan loved the wild hair pictures. "How they do that Mom?"
You need to read our blog to hear more about ferocious winds.