Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Here are a few pictures of the kids with their new Larkin.
Joshua loves Larkin to pieces. He makes cute little baby noises anytime he notices her. He tries to be very helpful and give her her pacifier when she loses it...well except when he puts it in his own mouth!
Arwen is so pleased to finally have a sister. She can't wait until we put Larkin in her room with her...I can't wait either! Currently, the little one grunts all night long and keeps us awake and very tired during the day!
Noah loves his little sister a ton! He just likes us to lay her on the ground so he can coo and smile at her.


Memory said...

These are the sweetest pictures. Larkin is precious.

Jen said...

CUTE! She definitely looks like the other kids!

Danielle said...

gorgeous family! Are you just in mere survival mode everyday with 4 kids??? And you still find time to write blogs. Amazing. lol.

The Thomas Family said...

Okay I just came upon your blog off Jen Korth's blog. I love it. You kids are so darling and congrats on the new one. She is so cute. How is it being the mother of four? I really can't imagine. Hope all is well.
Jenn Thomas
I have a new blog name

Bethany said...

I'm so jealous you've got a sweet newborn to snuggle and smooch. Those are some great kids you got there, so lovey-dovey. I bet Larkin is getting spoiled with all that love. Good!