Monday, August 13, 2007

We hiked to Rainbow Falls one morning. It was a 3 mile hike in all. The kids were ready to go!!
They had a good time hiking along pointing out the way to go.
Noah was brave and stood up on a big tree.
Here's Arwen in a burnt out log. As you can see, all of the forest along the path to the falls had burned down. It made for a hot walk with little shade!
Here's my cute family by the water falls. We enjoyed playing in the water and eating lunch here.
The trip back was pretty hard on the kids. The cried a lot at the beginning, and Aaron had to carry all three of them at the same time sometimes, but eventually they got a burst of energy and were able to hike back to the car.
Joshua just slept the afternoon away in his back pack.
The kids had fun back at camp sitting around the fire.
Noah liked to pretend he was hiding every time he came to a tree.
The hike was so hard on the kids that even Little Arwen fell asleep before we put her in her sleeping bag that night!


Bethany said...

Oh, I'm so sad that we didn't get to do it together. Good job little hikers. I can only imagine how much warmer it was then when we did it. Way to go!

Danielle said...

you seriously have the CUTEST family ever! :)