Monday, August 13, 2007

On our last day at Saddle Bag, Aaron and Michael hiked the big mountain, Conness. Heidi and I stayed back at camp and watched the kids and packed up all of our stuff and loaded it into the car.
Here's where Aaron and Mike balanced some rocks.
It's kind of hard to tell, but Aaron is out on a skinny little walkway that has a cliff on both sides. That's why it's so scary to climb Conness.
He's the king of the universe!
Just enjoying a break and the view.
Is that a human bone of someone that didn't make it and fell off Conness?

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Anonymous said...

I was confused on why the hike was so hard this time. Climbing Conness you only gain 2500 feet in around 4 miles. Not so bad (other than the altitude) as climbing Saint Helens which was an elevation gain of 4065 feet in a little over 5 miles. So anyway finding that I hiked Conness with over a 102 fever made me feel better about how hard it was this time around. Even with me slowing us down we were only 40 minuets late on our estimate of a 8 hour hike, not bad.