Monday, August 13, 2007

Aaron was so tired when we left the hot pots and I didn't think I could drive all night by myself, so I talked him into staying in a motel for the night. Good thing I did, because I think he caught what Joshua had and was pretty sick. I was just so EXCITED to give the kids a bath!
Okay Michael, Aaron isn't out of shape like you maybe thought. He was really sick on that hike you guys took. By the time we got to out hotel, his fever was 103. Poor Aaron
The kids were so excited to be clean and to watch cartoons!!


Mike said...

Ah dang, and here I thought I was superman. Turns out Aaron was just deathly sick.

Bethany said...

Poor Sarah and Aaron and kids. Glad you broke up the trip. That would have been horrid. Hope you are all doing better.