Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We had a really fun weekend...but we didn't have any charged batteries so no pictures! It was a rainy day but it has been our only Saturday in ages that Aaron has been home. We went out to the outlet shops and got Aaron some new church shirts and a pair of slacks. He sure was the cutest thing at church on Sunday!! We also found Ar a cute little pair of pink Adidas. We had some health food at McDonald's. There was a huge man in there with his kids and Arwen pointed to him and said, "Look at that big Daddy." Then we continued on up to the Gorge. The drive was beautiful. All of the leaves were changing and we got ourselves lost for a couple of hours due to road work. We eventually made our way to Multnomah Falls. I wish like crazy that we had a camera. The kids were all wearing their cute winter hats and looked adorable. I had Josh in his sling facing me so that I could try and keep the rain off his face. He kept stretching his face out though so that he could let the rain land on his face. He looked like a little bird with his mouth wide open trying to catch the rain. It was so sweet! We came home and made hot cocoa and set up the sleeping bags and watched Willy Wonka. It was a really great day! Here's a picture of Josh and I. I couldn't get the other two kids presentable enough to make a photo appearance. Arwen has a giant scab on her mouth that she won't stop picking and Noah would not keep any pants on today! Oh well. It's just us two dark Nielsens!

Arwenisms: The other day Noah gave Arwen a big hug for no reason and Arwen got real excited and said, "Noe is nice now. I can marry him too." She always tells me that she will marry Joshua and Daddy when she gets big. Apparently Noe gets to join them now too!
Arwen gets to be in her first Primary program on Sunday! We can't wait.
Yesterday, Arwen was the mom and Noah was the dad. I had to be the kid taking a nap. I asked Arwen who Josh was and she said, "Josha--he's the Dogga. Look at him chew on his toys. Good Josha Dogga."

Noahisms: Sometimes Joshua bites and sometimes he'll accidentally whack Noah and Noah will say, "No Josha...a time out!!" Poor Josh gets put in time outs all the time.
Today he was getting in trouble and he had till the count of three to apologize. I got to one and he looked over at Arwen and said, "3, 4...YOUR ROOM!!" He tries to put Arwen in her room and give her time outs too. I wish you could hear his little voice when he talks. It's so sweet.


Mike said...

You have a nice smile Sarah, but I think Joshua has beat.

Mike said...

has you beat.

Jen said...

So cute! He's getting so big!

Meghan said...

Your hair looks so pretty Sarah! I didn't know it was so long! I can't wait to plah with you and the kids at christmas!

Bethany said...

Wow, yah your hair is long and beautiful. You look great.