Friday, August 04, 2006

Yesterday, the kids and I went to this park down in Matthew and Bethany's old stomping grounds. I heard about it from a friend and wanted to go there because she said it had little water play areas. She forgot to mention that the water flowed right down into the dirt and was a horrible mess!! The kids loved it! Arwen had fun building castles.

Noal lost his shorts somehow in all of the sludge. Then he found a plastic cup and started to drink the "yuumy water." I ran over and told him "NO!!" and as I walked back to my picnic table all the other moms were looking at me in disgust. Yeah, they were pretty much jealous that my kid was the grossest one there!

Noah was an ugly fish the whole time. I couldn't get him to look at the camera once. I finally had to bribe him with a cracker. What a cute dirty little boy!


Jen said...

That's hilarious! How did you hose them off before getting in the car? Wet Wipes?

heidi nielsen said...

Uh, did you ever find Noah's shorts?

Unknown said...

I had to wipe them down with one of Josh's blankets. I found Noah's shorts in the bottom of all the sludge.