Saturday, August 12, 2006

We have had such an amazing time with my mom here visiting us. Wednesday evening, we drove Aaron down to the coast to Scout Camp. Then we continued south down 101 and stopped in Newport. We stayed at a place called Driftwood Village. We had the room with the best view. It was amazing. We got there just as the sun was setting. The next day we went to the aquarium in Newport. It was pretty fun. The kids (and Grandma Carrot!!) liked watching the sea lions the best. They put on quite a show for us. They would dive up out of the water right in front of the kids. You should have heard their screams of delight! We drove north for a while to let the kids have a nap and went to a beach called Oceanside. It was pretty fun. Some nice people let the kids play with some shovels and pails and the kids built sand castles. Then we went back to Tillamook to the cheese factory. After sampling some cheese we all got an icecream cone. Even Noah had his own. He did a pretty good job! We drove home after that. It was so much fun!! Then on Friday, we went in to Portland and did some shopping!! Thanks Mom! We had a fun time riding the light rail. We met some interesting people like usual! That night we went home and watched Nanny McFee and had chinese food. It was sure fun. We just got back from driving my mom to the airport. Arwen was sad on the way home and Noah kept doing the sign for "more" and saying Grandma. How sweet! They will sure miss her! They had a blast reading books with her and making her be all kinds of crazy wild animals!

"Grandma, you're the man!" Don't ask me--I have no idea where she got it from!
My mom got a new purse while she was here. She had the one she liked and showed it to Arwen. Arwen said, "No Grandma, you don't want that one! It's full of garbage." It had the paper stuffing in it still and Arwen thought we were going to buy a purse full of trash. Besides she thought Grandma Carrot should have gotten the one that was silver with shiny sequins all over it!


Jen said...

That's so great! It's so fun when you see your kids in love with your parents, huh? I'm glad you had a great time! You'll have to do it more often! :)

Jen said...

Are you growing Noah's hair out?

Unknown said...

ha ha! No, I'm just afraid of botching it up again. It's pretty cute though--when he gets out of the bath, it's all curly in the back. I think I'm going to have Aaron cut it sometime this week.

Bethany said...

It's always hard to see the grandparents go. Evan always wants to call grandpa and talks about the fun times we had. Glad you're mom got to spend some fun times wiwth the little ones.