Sunday, August 06, 2006

This week, after Arwen fell asleep, Noah and I built her a treasure map with clues so she could be a scurvey pirate and hunt for treasure. Her and Aaron found the map and clues and got to enjoy the treasure--rice crispie treats. She's been begging to do more treasure hunt for treats like crazy now!!

Saturday, we went to some friends' family reunion so Aaron could play ultimate frisbee with them. The kids and I played at the playground nearby and Joshy just slept in his stroller. After that we went to the farmer's market for some blueberries. Yummy! Aaron and Arwen camped out in the back yard in our tent. Me and Arwen took a nap in it today after church! It was sure fun. Our poor Joshy is really colicy every night. He just screams and cries. He and I go for walks, but even those don't help him too much. Poor baby!

We've been trying to get Arwen not to say, "Oh my gosh," and the like. So now she says, "Oh my donk," which is short for, "Oh my donkey!" of course!
We had chicken for dinner one night and Arwen said, "Where does chicken come from? Cows?" By the way, every meat is "chicken" for Arwen--even shrimp!

Noah is awesome at saying prayers now! After he's done, he makes the sign for more and asks to say more prayers.

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heidi nielsen said...

That's pretty cute that Noah likes to say his prayers now. I wish Austin would say anything at all. I think he has started trying to repeat what we say, but it really doesn't sound like anything at all. And we definitely can get him to sit still to say prayers!