Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day at the Gorge

Kelly, John, and the girls Annabelle and Lucy have been here this week for a visit.  We all went up to the Gorge for a fun day at the waterfalls.

Larkin behind Latourell Falls.

Joshua found a fun hiding place on the way up to the bridge at Multnomah Falls.

The kids all made it over the log jam at Oneonta Gorge without much help this year.  They're getting so big.  We startled a snake eating a salamander.  Noah thought it was pretty funny when the snake pooped on me which was pretty entertaining for all the people around as well. 

We got to the falls pretty dry having scaled the walls, but all got wet swimming at the falls.
The kids trying to get to the falls.

After trying to talk the kids into it I figured I'd better do it.

Some guy took some awesome photos of the kids dancing under the waterfalls.  I gave him my email and hope he gets around to sending the pictures.

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Pricilla said...

I had to watch that last video twice to see Noah at the end. He had me laughing!