Friday, February 07, 2014

Snow Day's

We had a nice little snow storm come in yesterday and it's snowing again pretty good right now.  One and a half days of no school.  I've been working from home too and playing in the snow.  We've got about six inches of snow out there now.  It's been quite a few years since we've had good snow like this here at home.

 Bear loves the snow.  He's like a little child out there eating all he can get.

 What a good boy.

The kids have been out in the snow on and off all day having a lot of fun.  Wish we had some snow toys and a hill.  Joshua spent a lot of time out back making a snow fort to protect him from the snow ball fights.  

What's your favorite thing about the snow?
Joshua: Building a fortress
Arwen: That we get to throw snow balls at people.
Larkin: That we could have fun, eat the snow, have snow ball fights, and that we have fun, and get to have hot chocolate with marshmallows, that we get to play with the snow, eat the snow, and that we get a sled in the snow, and we get to eat the snow from the sky, that we got sooooo fun.
Sarah: I like snow days more than I like Christmas. I like being with my family, eating treats, and having fun, and playing outside and then getting cozy afterwards.  Bear has made it especially fun this year.
Noah: I don't know...making snow fortresses.
Aaron: I get to work from home and play with the kids in between meetings and work. 

 So fast.  We brought Bear to the park and there was another dog there he played with.  It was fun to see him being so wild and run so fast and not even be able to keep up with the other dog.

Because poor Aaron didn't make it into the fun family picture above...(Sarah here...don't his eyes look so pretty?  Jealous!)

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Anonymous said...

Aaron, do you take Bear running with you? I've had Angus with me long-boarding and he loves it. He's gets pretty tired. Gets his puppy energy out.