Sunday, July 28, 2013


We went into Portland on Saturday to pick up our Hood To Coast packet and spend the rest of the day playing around in the city.

The light rail was fun.  We parked at Washington Park and went into the city from the the tunnel.

Arwen's knee walker didn't show up in time.  It was waiting when we got home so I pushed here around in a little stroller all day.  She was a little embarrassed but got over it I think.  

We watched some aerial acrobatics for a bit, pretty impressive stuff. 

Watched some fun street performances and wandered around the Saturday Market.  We haven't been there in a long time and it's sure grown.  Lot's of fun stuff.  The kids wanted everything.

I wish I knew how to weld.

Played in some new water fountains. 

 Drying off in the sun.  She was also very tired and ready for a nap.  But was energized after a nap on dads sholder and a little sea lioning in the sun.

 Noah was sure posing for the camera.

Not sure what the fake angry face was for.

 We all had a great day but Noah must have loved it the most.

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Danielle said...

sounds like a fun adventure! and totally love that you have a camelbak for each other the kids-so much easier than carrying around water bottles or trying to find water fountains!