Sunday, June 23, 2013

Smith Rock

I took Noah on a camping and rock climbing adventure this last weekend and he and I had a lot of fun. 
First we hiked around Camp Kilowan mapping out the 5 mile 2nd year hike for Sarah.
 Then next day we drove over to Smith Rock to do some climbing.
Noah was really good.  I want to see what he can do in climbing shoes instead of his clodhopper tennis shoes.

Though he's a great climber repelling afterwards is still his favorite part.  We clocked in at over 15 miles of hiking for the two days.  Noah was amazed that he hiked that far without complaining.

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Danielle said...

ha! the last sentence is the best-"hiked that far without complaining". Kids are great. This is totally something my dad took us to do all the time. Hikes and rock climbing-so many great memories!