Sunday, August 05, 2012

Washington County Fair

Posted by Noah

In the garden part of the fair we got this piece of paper and we had to find the foods that were on it.  And if we checked them all off you got to pick your own carrot and eat it.  And you get a pencil.  It was fun.

The next part of the fair we went to was the barn.  And we got to see lots of birds and types of stuff.  And we got to see bunnies and we got to touch a chicken or something.  And we looked at some swans and it was really fun.  And after that we went to another barn with cows and it stinked really bad and we tried to get out as quick as possible.  The pigs were in a barn that was like a shed and we got to watch them and there was a 283 pound pig.  And there was another pig that was 48 lbs.

After the animals we went to the reptile place and it wasn't that stinky and we got to see lots of animals and I got to see a turtle and baby turtles and a snapping alligator turtle and it just looked like an alligator.  And I saw a python and got to touch a snake, two of them.

After that we went to the Ferris-Wheel.  And me and my sister Arwen went on it.

Then we got stuck on the very top and when my sister Arwen said it went fast I got nervous.  But it didn't really go fast, it only made me nervous because she said it would.

We had a bunch of these french fries that were called curly fries and there were tons of them and me and my brother ate most of them.  And also my Dad thought we couldn't finish them all but we did.  They tasted really good.  We also had an elephant ear and a funnel cake.  And the elephant ear was the one with sugar on it and the funnel cake had powdered sugar on it.

...It was very hot.

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