Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturday Afternoon

The weather had cooled down enough today to play out in the backyard.  I'm hoping it holds out for Hood to Coast this weekend.

Here's a picture of Joshua and his now "finished" tree house.

I love the colors he choose.  Brown of course had to be the main color.  The green is to match the leaves of the willow tree.  But most of all I love the door.

Lulu did a little swinging while the boy's played in the fire.

Noah and Joshua were rummaging around upstairs and eventually, after emptying all the drawers, ask for help finding black clothes.  Why?  They were playing spy.  Probably they were Tongan spies because they ended up using the shirts as lava-lava's.

I marinated a couple of pieces of chicken and then roasted them on a stick over the fire for lunch.  Only I told the kids it was a skinned rat.  (We like to watch "Man vs. Wild" and Bear Grylls is always doing crazy stuff like that.)  Arwen got home from a game party and I told her we roasted "rat" but then told her it was really chicken.  Joshua got really upset because he thought it really was a rat and chicken wasn't nearly as awesome.  Gross adventuresome kids!  

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