Saturday, June 02, 2012

Timberline Marathon

My goal last year was 4 hours...I failed.  This year I got 4:00.03 Chip time.  Does that count?  It does for me.  I felt a lot better on this run than the last one.  I'm even walking around tonight.  And should be training for Hood to Coast again pretty soon.  Perhaps I'll try to go to Jiu Jitsu next week too, and my indoor soccer game?  I may not be so hopeful tomorrow.

Arwen was off at her last soccer game (She won 5-3) so she missed my triumphant finish.  But it was awesome to have Sarah and the other kids there.

Team Farmington Ward.
Nicole, Bo, Bev, Wes, Me, Michael, Peter.

Michael is standing between his two coaches...we took him on his first training run last Saturday up a mountain for 9 miles or so and almost killed him.  Then he decided to switch from a Half to a Full Marathon Saturday morning.  So, we joked about writing a book, Aaron and Peter's one day to Marathon training program.


Jen said...

Holy crap! That is so awesome! So proud of you-FANTASTIC time too! Totally counts!

Anonymous said...

pretty cool. You find those straps help your knees? Oh, and are you wearing shoes?


aarastas said...

Yep, shoes. And the KT tape worked I think. No knee problems anyway. I wish I'd pre-taped my ankles. They are the ones that got worn out on the uneven trail.