Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sarah's Hippie Chick Half-Marathon

Way to go Sarah!  You are amazing!

Arwen, Noah, Joshua and I walked down course a mile so the kids could run the last mile with Sarah.  
(Larkin was at a ballet recital).  One of our kids got caught complaining that it was "so far".  One of the runners heard this and said, "You'd better not be complaining, you don't know what far is", or something to that effect.

Here's Sarah prancing toward the finish line making in look easy.

Noah did a great job of keeping up with Sarah and telling her about how he's run more than a marathon before, probably two if you add everything up from his whole life.  He was rather proud of that.

Ok, it wasn't so easy at all. It was really hard.
Sarah's knee has been giving her problems for the last 3 weeks.  We taped it all up last night but that only helps so much.  She's off at Arwen's Soccer game right now.  I wish I could've let her stay home but Arwen's and the Boy's games overlap.

It was near 80 degrees and they gave Sarah a space blanket so she "wouldn't cool down too quick."  The kids collected a bunch and are having fun with them.


Amy Carrigan said...

Whoa! And you wore those crazy shoes too! You're a machine! ;)

Memory Bybee said...

Sarah Nielsen, you are the coolest chick I know!!

Meghan said...

You are amazing! What are those shoes!?

aarastas said...

They are Vibram 5 fingers.