Saturday, April 07, 2012


We visited BYU while we were in Utah and showed the kids all our old haunting grounds.  I had to make a deal with them.  If they acted interested in what we were telling them we'd go to a candy store and they could pick out a treat.  It worked a little.  They oohed and awed for a while anyway and that made us feel good.

 "What will you look like when you go to school here Larkin?"

They just needed a little boy too. 

Ha ha!  Joshua got a kick out of the wedgie statue. 

Amazing...zoom in and look at the caption. 

Almost 12 years ago this is where we had our first kiss.  King Henry apartments #18.


Amber and The Boys said...

LOVING the apt 18 kiss. Hmm, that's where I kissed Josh for the first time too! So fun! Dang I wish I could have seen you guys while you were here!

Anonymous said...

Nice bird. I didn't notice the plaque when I was there. "Popular with the ladies"