Monday, May 02, 2011

Windflow - Hike

  I can't remember what the real name of this park is, but Noah named it Windflow the first time we brought him here because it was really windy.

Larkin and the kids do fine walking on their own on the down-hill.

At the bottom of the hill is a frog pond that we spend a lot of time at.  Here's Arwen climbing a cliff down by the pond.

Noah climbing the same cliff.

We found a few tadpoles and Noah found a dead snake that he had fun playing with on the end of a stick.

Mostly though, they just threw rocks into the pond.  With every throw we thought Larking would go in with her rocks.

Larkin had fun throwing rocks from the top of a cliff as well.  She'd get right to the edge and huck a handful of rocks and wobble a little and finally looking toward us yelling at her to, "Get back from the cliff, Lulu!"

Joshua loves his snacks.  Arwen and Noah made the whole hike but Joshua and Larkin needed some help on the way back up the hill.  Now that's a workout. 

Arwen and I had fun looking for flowers.  We found these that I liked a lot.


Meghan said...

Beautiful pictures. I especially like larkins first one

aarastas said...

Thanks, I like that one too.

Marissa and Blaine said...

Great pictures! Love the ones with Larkin and her little backpack!