Sunday, May 29, 2011

Joshua's Angry Birthday

I can't believe that Joshua is 5!  If you know anything about this boy, you'll know that he loves birthdays and cakes and games.  He even has a cake hat that has candles on top that he periodically wears throughout the year in preparation for his birthday. 

When I got my iPod touch back at Christmas time, Aaron put the Angry Birds game on it.  Joshua LOVED it.  I would find him tucked into a corner playing it at any given time during the day.  I finally had Aaron take it off the iPod because Josh was officially an addict :)

A few months ago, we stumbled upon the idea of having an Angry Bird birthday party.  Josh and I have been planning and scheming ever since!
Here are the fondant birds and pigs for his interactive Angry Bird game.  Joshua sat on the counter for the lots and lots of time it took to create these little guys, dreaming about the time when he would play with them...and then eat them.  Gross.

And here is his cake.  Aaron made the sling shot for Joshua to launch his birds at the pigs.  

Joshua got to play Angry Birds and Wii all day for his birthday...he was in Heaven!  Neither have been allowed in the house for a long time!  And after a Saturday full of whining and meanness, mostly from the older two, I now remember why :)

Don't worry, after just one bite, Joshua opted out from eating the fondant birds and pigs.  (Lulu had 3 or 4 though.)  We had yummy Angry Bird cupcakes for his edible birthday cake and let them pick apart the other cake.  (I borrowed this picture from the blog I found the idea on...mine didn't turn out very well.)

Grandma Carrot sent a Sponge Bob pinata as one of Josh's presents and the kids LOVED it!  It was a total hit.  Josh got some Mario movies, Angry Bird toys, a cake game and a cool red Angry Bird t-shirt.  I think it was a great day...until bedtime rolled around and Josh had to turn the Wii off.  He was an angry boy who told us that his day was horrible.  Gotta love him!!


Bethany said...

Amazing as always Sarah! Loved it all, such a fun idea! My poor boys get jipped in the birthday party.

heidi nielsen said...

Classic. I love it when Heidi and I dedicate a pretty cool day to the boys then some little thing goes wrong (in their eyes anyway) at the end and the inevitable "this is the worst day ever" comment is made.

Danielle said...

WHOA! As always-that is amazing! what a FUN idea! :)

Christa said...

great idea! My 10 year old loved what u did!