Saturday, February 12, 2011

To Denver for Christmas
getting caught up

We drove to Colorado for Christmas in the snow.  It added a few hours to our 2 day drive but it was beautiful.  Beautiful and maddening.  I was driving in the one snow free land looking at all this scenery that I'd love to stop and take a picture of but there was no way to pull over without getting stuck.

Free day at Denver Art Museum had some that it was not free.  So we poked around the grounds and...

...found Lulu's twin that was nice enough to give her a ride.

The kids really wanted this massive armoire to bring home for a bunk bed.  That's be fun, and easy to put a lock on.  (The kids have been seeking into my bead again lately)

You might recognize the artwork from a celestial seasonings box.  Noah, Arwen, and I took a tour of the factory while Joshua, Larkin, and Sarah sampled all the herbal teas.  They let us hang out in the mint room for a while and it was intense, they separate it from the rest of the herbs as the mint would contaminate everything.  They were processing lemon grass the day we went and it smelled awesome.

After the Art Museum we tried the Denver Mint which gives free tours, we'll unless you have a camera bag.  Oh well we had as much fun as we could and a freezing day in Denver.


Amy Carrigan said...

LOVE the armoire pic! Very cool.

Marissa and Blaine said...

Great pictures! Especially the armoire! That's hilarious!