Sunday, February 27, 2011

One of the best things about our Christmas trip in Denver (and our reason for braving the winter roads) was Arwen getting baptized.  It was so great to be there and have so many family members be able to attend to support Arwen and her big day.

Here's my pretty, 8 year old girl on her big day.  Aaron performed the baptism and the confirmation.  My dad conducted and got the font ready.  Aunt Heidi filled in as last minute piano player, and did beautifully.

I gave a talk on baptism and Grandma Carrot gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.  Uncle Micheal played the guitar while my brother Scott, sang a solo.  (Scott also sang one more song for Ar.)  Aunt Bethany and Noah gave prayers.  And we had lots of cousins there to whisper about how pretty Arwen was...and enjoy all the candy we had for a treat afterward.

Goofy looking family, but what a special day we had.  Aaron and I are so proud of the sweet little girl we have.  She tries so hard to make right choices and is such an example to all of us.  And thank you to everyone that came to support Arwen.  We love you all!


Danielle said...

i cannot stop giggling over noah's face in the last picture-so hilarious.

big congrats to arwen-so exciting!!!

Marissa and Blaine said...

As much as I wish I could have been to her baptism, that is awesome you did it with your family in Denver. She looks absolutely beautiful. She's so stinking sweet, kind, and adorable. I hope my daughters are just like her when they are her age because I was a total brat when I was 8!

Anonymous said...

Arwen looks so beautiful