Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I put the kids to bed in the tree house the other day then came in to watch a movie with Sarah.  It was already late and dark as it's not easy getting the kids to sleep when are all together, throw in the tree house and it's even harder.  Anyway, about an hour into the movie we see a flashlight bouncing around this way and that in the back yard.  It didn't look like it was going to get back into bed by itself so I went out and found Lu-Lu hunting for strawberries.  I wonder if we'd gone to bed how long she would have wandered around foraging for food in a big dark backyard by herself.  I don't have a picture of Lu-Lu sneaking around the back yard but here's one from her sneaking out of bed the other night...she's set up camp in the living room.

So here's a look at the club house nicked named "Death Star" (Not yet completed but fully operational).  I still need a door and to cut out the windows and to paint it and...but it's getting there.


Danielle said...

such a cool little house for them! lucky kids! :)

Mike said...

Lu-lu, The Strawberry Hunter

Meghan said...

Noah and the wig, love it! Lu-lu and strawberries, so cute, and the club house is awesome!