Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Huh.  Look at that.  I've become such a lame lazy blogger that it has been taken over by a more responsible party. 

Anyways, there have been a few things that have really made me giggle lately.  This morning, during family scripture reading, Larkin waved her hand as if she had a question.  She waved it around until Aaron stopped talking and asked if she had a question. 
"Yesh."  She said.
"What is it Lu?"  He asked.
"So...ummm...I got germs."  Then she lifted her hands to show him. 

I think Noah's wig has made an appearance or two on the blog.  Let me tell you about him and his wig.  First off, we found 4 hilarious old lady wigs at a thrift shop in Aurora while visiting my mom and dad.  Noah is obsessed with his so much so that I don't even notice when he has it on and wears it on all our outings and errands...that is until all the comments start.  They don't even phase him.  It's like it's his real hair and he's always had to deal with the admiration of everyone around.  I usually just suppress a grin and let people oohhhh and aahhh.  He spends hours combing and brushing that thing to get it to look just right.  In fact, I just noticed him on the couch and laughed at loud at the wig today.  It is extra full and standing straight up.  He informed me that he was able to acheive this by using my brush.  Nice.  

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aarastas said...

You've got to get one with his glasses on as well.