Saturday, April 17, 2010

So we went to El Gaucho or "El Gouge-o" for dinner last night.  It turns out that neither Sarah nor I are fans of meat flavored meat.  And expensive meat flavored meat is no better.  Both of us wished we'd got something off the seafood menu after we got our meals.  Sarah's medium was raw and mine just tasted, well, like meat.  Our appetizer was really good though some tuna tar-tar stuff.  And desert, bananas foster, was delicious.  All in all we had a fun time and did some walking around the city afterwards.

 Thanks for the fun night Sarah.


Meghan said...

Cute picture! What do you mean by "meat flavored meat?"

aarastas said...

I guess I like meat with some sort of seasoning, or sauce. But this stuff, a little salt, maybe, that's it. Give me some A1 and I'd've been happier with it. Sarah's cooked way better stake at home on the barbecue with that Montreal Steak Seasoning.