Thursday, April 22, 2010

 For the 186th birthday party of the Relief Society we met at church as families and did a fabulous service project.  We helped make "angel dolls" which are plain dolls with no hair or faces that are wearing cute little hospital gowns that sick kids in the hospital get.  They don't have hair since many of the kids receiving them don't either and they don't have faces so that the kids can draw on their own faces.  We mad a TON of them that night.  It was the greatest assembly ever!  Aaron and I helped stuff and stitch up.  Afterward there was a cupcake decorating contest...since our whole enrichment was to celebrate the birthday of the Relief Society. 
These are the cupcakes I dreamed up and created.  They turned out similar to what I was imagining.  I really wanted to add edible glitter, but didn't want to drive across town to get some, so I settled for pink and purple sprinkles instead. 

The flowers were made of fondant...which my fabulous sister in law gave me a lesson in a while ago.  I think it tastes pretty terrible (made of powdered sugar and marshmallows) but it turns out cool.  My kids LOVED how the fondant tasted...big surprise ;)


Grandma Carrot said...

Sari...those are so clever and cute! You should be on the cooking show talented daughter! What a fun service project!

Danielle said...

those are amazing! nice work!

AmyB said...

1. I love the post about Larkin! Too cute! I would like to have her for a day.
2. I want to see a picture of the dolls if you have one.
3. I want a cupcake. Not to eat but to look at.

See what you can do about this ok?

Unknown said...

Cupcakes are my favorite! Can I have fondant lessons? :)

Unknown said...

Those look amazing! The dolls sounded perfect for those sweet little kids. You guys are amazing!

Bethany said...

Ummmm, AWESOME!!!!