Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No pictures allowed for this post. Why, you ask? Cause I'm the worst mom ever!!

Arwen was home for spring break last week. Aaron took Monday and Tuesday off so we could play. After lunch at Costco, we took the kids to a new play ground. It was super fun! Lots of new, high tech play equipment. There was a little river bed by the park, that was still dry. The kids had lots of fun playing with the river stones. I ran Noah to the bathroom and Aaron was playing with Lu on the teeter totter. As I got back, Joshua ran up from the river screaming. I ran over. He held his pinky out to me while telling me a boy smashed his finger with a rock. He had been playing with a little boy around his age. I guess he smashed a rock on top of another rock that Joshua's finger was on. After a 5 hour trip at the ER...we got to go home. After 3 x-rays, we found out Joshua's pinky was fractured. His nail was completely popped off. He had to have a few stitches after being given a shot to numb his hand. The icing on the cake was when the doctor cleaned the nail off and then shoved it back into Joshua's nail bed...to try and preserve the nail bed. We have no idea if a nail will ever grow back. (hmmm...seems I have another little boy with a very similar story...and a funky thumb nail!) The hard part is that it is on his left hand...and he's left handed. He's been a trooper. Everyone was amazed with how calm and well behaved he was. He's pretty stoic when people are around, but it was so sad when they would leave his room and he would whimper to me about how scared he was for his shot.

He got a cold later on in the week and managed to scrape all the skin off the top of one of his feet while opening a door. He just fell apart :(

Why am I the worst mom...because I cut the boys' hair on Saturday. I grabbed the wrong guard for Josh and he's pretty much bald. He looks ridiculous! I'm sorry Joshy!! So...no pictures of this cute little guy in his tiny little cast for a couple of weeks.


AmyB said...

I love reading your blog. I would think your gravy was delicious I am sure. You cooked for me alot in the past and it was never dreadful!

We have had pneumonia here and I an TIRED of it! We have also had rat food and noodles in the nose but never beads in the ears. That is FUNNY!

The trip to the Er sounds exhausting! I hope every feels better :)

heidi nielsen said...

Michael asked me why I don't cut his hair last night. I told him I was afraid I was accidentally going to use a zero on him like you did on Aaron once =). Cutting our own hair is awesome. I feel like my boys either look shaggy or are completely buzzed. Poor kids.

Marissa and Blaine said...

No way... You are a wonderful Mom. I don't know how you do it! Poor Joshua though! Not because of the hair, but everything else. How sad. At least it will be a good, and probably "cool" story for him later down the road.
Did you kick that other kid's butt for smashing the rock on him? I would have, which shows that maybe I'm not that great of a Mom...Maybe I should work on that. =)
Bottom line, you are a wonderful and adorable Mom and your kids adore you!